Physician Need Tool

At a Glance


    Cattaneo & Stroud, Inc. is a medical consulting firm based in the San Francisco bay area. They had a lot of data about physicians and hospitals that can help recruiters predict need for a given speciality, hospital and year.

    They needed a way to display all this data in an easy-to-read manner, generate PDFs and Excel spreadsheets and allow users to run basic queries to find the specific subsets they’re looking for.

    The Physician Need Tool (as we called it) was built with Ruby on Rails and features multiple user roles and permissions. Perhaps the biggest challenge was displaying all their data in an easy-to-read, sortable manner as to not overwhelm users. With a little jQuery magic (thanks to data tables), this was made possible.

    Lastly, since this is a product that they sell, we designed a splash page (built in WordPress) for their marketing purposes. It also doubles as a login for any existing clients, and is fully responsive to ensure a good experience across devices, so their marketing campaigns can be run on mobile and tablet devices.