Indigo System

At a Glance


    Indigo System is a product line from Penumbra. They wanted to expand this out to its own site, so potential customers could more easily find information on just Indigo System.

    We took the same look and feel from the Penumbra site, and updated the graphics and color scheme to give the product line its own branding. This should help give visitors and customers some more continuity when thinking about Indigo System.

    There were a few difficulties with making the small (only 4 pages!) site responsive, since most of the content is image based. That is, it’s based on brochure content that Penumbra already had. Displaying this information is a bit different on tablets and phones, but it maintains its readability.

    The last hiccup was ensuring that Penumbra competitors would be deterred from visiting the site. As such, we set up a capture form that requires a user name and email before they can access anything on the site.

    The site was, of course, built with WordPress so Penumbra can update and maintain any and all future expansions / changes with Indigo System!