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    Barrango is a commercial christmas decor store based in South San Francisco. They manufacture everything in the US and sell to lots of big name department stores and cities who are looking for big holiday ornaments (think city display).

    Their warehouse burnt down a couple months ago, and as such they began a new chapter. Part of this was revamping their web presence. Before we transformed their site with WordPress, they were running a static HTML site.

    So starting from the ground, we used all the beautiful high-res imagery they already had, and built it into a design that is responsive, so all devices can easily browse and view their portfolio and product lines.

    From there I dropped the design into WordPress, and used a visual builder tool so they can drag and drop content and manage everything really easily themselves. This is important because they have so much content that needs to be added and maintained.

    The last thing we did was walk through how to manage the SEO of their site. Since its such a specific niche, they didn’t have much of a problem with this (as their content defined their keywords, descriptions, etc.), and should be ranking on the front page of Google in no time!