At a Glance

Writable is a platform that allows teachers to assess and manage their classroom and assignments. They have an entirely separate web app, but their internet presence was in serious need of revamping. They had built the original version using Wix, and were finding the limitations very cumbersome.

They have an in house designer, who did all the design work for the new website. I worked with the designer and content team to help build a roll out plan and weigh in on all WordPress development issues. Mainly, is the site going to be user friendly, and fast. There is a lot of information and graphics to display and we needed to do it in a way that wouldn’t cause the page load time to diminish.

In the end, they now have a fast, easy to maintain WordPress site that lets them add a ton of new pages and sections, as well as all kinds of other content like blog posts, events, etc. for all their content marketing efforts.

What Writable Says

Kegan just overhauled our website beautifully! He moved us from Wix to WordPress, improving the page templates and design as he went. He was aligned with our UI/UX designs and input from the marketing team to produce a site that was not only technically stable but also functional and scalable as our team grew.

Heidi Perry