TK Kader

At a Glance

TK is an entrepreneur turned author. He was the founder of ToutApp, a company I did some WordPress consulting and development for back in 2017. After he sold his company to Marketo (and then Adobe), he set out to help SaaS companies build and scale their businesses.

TK had a design firm create the designs for his new blog, but I set them into action via WordPress. He now has a fully responsive WordPress site that he can manage and update with blog posts, videos, and all kind of other content.

From Another Author

Kegan created my web site for a young adult/action adventure novel I am publishing and the final product is great. Very sci-fi. I admit to not being real proficient in social media so my tech savvy neighbor and I worked with Kegan and it was a successful partnership. He knows his stuff, is easy to work with and I am a happy customer.

Steve Coulter