At a Glance

Sqrrl is a cyber security company, that runs their marketing site on WordPress. I started working with them to maintain their site, after the developer that built their custom theme disappeared. We started out with baby steps: making the site responsive, fast, and more user friendly.

After we had the basics in place, we started building out their resources page, which was very extensive. They had a ton of white papers, webinars, etc. that they needed to reference for content marketing. I setup a custom post type in the back end of WordPress to make this easy to query, and then added a front end filter so users could quickly find what they’re looking for.

We also worked together to redesign the home page to make it easier for users to find what they were looking for. This involved stripping away a lot of their old content from the home page as it was way too dense.

Users can now easily find Sqrrl in search results, thanks to our content marketing efforts, and very quickly learn about what they do and how to reach out to the sales team.

What Sqrrl Says

Recommending Kegan is easy…he is a bright, naturally thoughtful, driven individual who combines his strong knowledge in design & develop to deliver top-notch web sites. He is thorough in his work and has an innate ability to present himself in a fun and playful way, making him a pleasure to work with…it is without hesitation that I recommend him.

Matt Zanderigo