Steve Coulter

At a Glance


Steve Coulter is a brand new author, and has just put out his first book about a character named Spartak. It is a bit of science fiction, set in San Francisco, in the future. So, we wanted to give the site a bit of a sci-fci type feel, while still making it obvious it’s about a book.

Steve came to me having no web presence and needing a way to market his book, with the ability to add a lot of content for both blog posts and for future books. It is, after all, a series of books and not just a single book.

So we set out to very quickly and easily showcase the book, along with some reviews of it, while also letting visitors easily find out information about the author, and read more content on issues related to the book (author musings).

All of this was done in WordPress, using a drag and drop editor, so Steve can very easily edit and maintain all of his own content without needing to know any code.

Furthermore, we encourage visitors to buy the book, read the blog, comment on the posts, and leave reviews of the book.

Lastly, the website is responsive and is optimized for mobile and tablet.

From Steve Coulter

Kegan created my web site for a young adult/action adventure novel I am publishing and the final product is great. Very sci-fi. I admit to not being real proficient in social media so my tech savvy neighbor and I worked with Kegan and it was a successful partnership. He knows his stuff, is easy to work with and I am a happy customer.

Steve Coulter