At a Glance


    Interlaw is a global organization of independent law firms. They have hundreds of members from all over the globe, aiming to bring together the expertise of each to make all better. They plan and host events at a variety of cities throughout the world in order to do this.

    Their old site, which was built on a version of WordPress that has long been outdated, wasn’t responsive and was very difficult to update. Events had to be manually entered on all pages where they appeared. There was no method of archiving events or categorizing them, and they were only shown on the homepage.

    Now, it is easy to add and update events, and populate them with meta data such as: location, start date, end date, theme, and host firm. All of which is shown on an events listing page for easy browsing. Furthermore, events dynamically populate throughout the site to allow for easy management. Events can also be sorted by category (or special business team).

    To top it all off, the site maintains the same look and feel on both mobile and tablet, and we carried over the sorting functionality for the list of firms. Users can easily toggle between city, country, and group without much difficulty.