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  • Date Launched: June 17, 2014

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Penumbra, Inc. is a medical device sales company in Alameda. Their sales reps, who span the globe, used to have to call in all product orders when presenting to a client. A few years ago, this was changed to an online system, albeit clunky. There was a lot of room for process improvement.

We redesigned their site with the utmost simplicity involved, so as to ensure the best usability. They had two main sections, with room for more: the demo request, and the online catalog. The online catalog is a set of documents, whereas the demo request is a set of physical products.

Within both the demo request and the online catalog, the product lines have various products and sub-product lines associated with them. For the purposes of ordering, the product lines were the forefront of everything. They used to be tricky to find, and somewhat buried on the side of the site and now they’re front and center. In fact, by default the landing pages redirect to their top product lines.

Reps can now add multiple items to their cart in a single screen (via dropdowns), edit their cart, and checkout all in one seamless process. Furthermore, they can select how items are getting shipped, and where they’re getting shipped to. A function their old site didn’t allow, an alternate address, has now been added for when reps are traveling.

The WordPress multisite was built with tablets and smartphones in mind, as so many of the reps are on the road. Previously, they were so frustrated with their portal that they would call shipping to place orders, as they would fumble around trying to pinch and zoom.

With the reps taken care of, the last piece of the puzzle is the shipping and marketing teams. Shipping now receives a single email with all the info for a given order. This can all also be managed in the backend of WordPress and exported to a single excel file (for analytics). Furthermore, the marketing team no longer has to mess around with calling a developer to add products, or even an entirely new site for that matter!

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