26 Dot Two

At a Glance


    26 Dot Two is a digital media strategy, planning, buying & optimization firm (don’t worry, I don’t know what that means either). They had a very out dated WordPress site that didn’t do a very good job at showcasing their work, their team, or what they do. The goal of their new site was a clean, professional look without a lot of clutter or bells and whistles. In short, to direct visitors (very quickly), to one of 8 focus areas.

    Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, 26 Dot Two now has a fully responsive site. Their home page features their latest blog post as well as 8 key focus areas to easily direct users to learn more about how they can help them.

    Now, thanks to WordPress, they can very easily update and maintain all content on their site, including a blog. Lastly, we set out to improve their SEO. We did this through a variety of ways, but perhaps the biggest was restructuring their site to gain visibility in a number of different key searches.