Virus Vaults

At a Glance


    Virus Vaults is a new internet security software that protects against all malware. They do this with a revolutionary new method, that doesn’t try to protect against each strain of malware, but rather uses virtual machines to detect when malware has infected a computer. The virtual machines then get infected, instead of the computer itself.

    Based in Washington, DC Virus Vaults is the first totally parallax site I’ve built. Parallax is where the background scrolls faster than the foreground when a user goes down the page. It is a single page site, with all links in the navigation leading to a different section within the page.

    This approach was used to keep content and usability simple. This means users never have to guess what part of the site they’re on. In the future, an ecommerce platform will be integrated so members can actually purchase and download the software.