Talent Space

At a Glance


    Talent Space is a tech recruiting firm based in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, to be exact). They’re an entirely women owned and run business. Before moving their site to WordPress, and getting a huge design overhaul, they had a proprietary content management system that was bare bones.

    Now, being on WordPress they can update and manage clients and employers much easier through a series of forms and downloads. They can also easily update and maintain their quarterly newsletter, allowing for subscriptions.

    The main change we made, however, was in their home page. Now, visitors are directed to one of three content spots. Potential clients or employers can very easily find the information they need, as well as see what other people are saying about Talent Space.

    Furthermore, with a totally responsive site built for tablets and phones visitors can now see and experience content in a concise manner on all browsers and platforms. Lastly, SEO should pick up a little as their content is more dense with keywords, and they have better permalinks.