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Renaissance Macro, or Renmac for short, is an investment firm based in New York City. They have a predictive model for macro market trends, and they sell this data to businesses.

They wanted to break into the consumer market, by selling this same data at a much cheaper monthly rate. They hired me to build a WooCommerce site, with recurring payments and various access tiers based on which subscription a user signed up for.

After a user signed up, they would then be added to the email list for that tier, and would automatically receive market analysis in their inbox.

The landing page is a pretty simple, informational page, explaining the product and the various tiers, but once a user selects their tier they’re then redirected to the cart where they can checkout and manage their access level.

We used Stripe to integrate payment, and automatically charge users each month. Users can log in to their account to manage, update, or cancel their membership.

The site also hosts all the content, so if users want to login and get a bigger picture of all the content that is offered they can do that. Once a user signs up, they have access to the previous 10 days worth of content (and all content moving forward). This is to ensure a user doesn’t sign up, download all content, and then cancel their membership.

What Renmac Says

We appreciated their ability to shape our ideas in a way that made them more effective. It’s difficult not having a huge team but Kegan never made that a problem he’d always work tirelessly and meet our project deadlines.

Cameron Stepec

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