Randy Hetrick

At a Glance


Randy Hetrick is the founder of TRX, a popular workout tool. He personally, however, didn’t have a website. He’s done so many things and wants to continue to expand his personal brand outside of the TRX brand.

I set out to design a site where the highlights were all right there on the homepage: keynote speeches, bio, tv shows he’s been in, etc. Then, on some of the inner pages, there’s a lot more examples of all his work. We went with the “show don’t tell” approach, and had very little text on just about every page. After all, visitors want to see his speeches, tv appearances, etc. and not just hear about them.

Everything was built in WordPress which will be vital as most of the content is ever changing. New speeches and appearances will be constantly added. Furthermore, the site is mobile friendly and lets anyone visiting on a phone or tablet view everything with ease.

To top things off, we’re serving everything through a CDN for lightning fast load time, and great search results.