At a Glance


UACB is a consulting firm based in San Francisco. Founded by Kyle Jones, a former FBI Agent, UACB specializes in background investigations, due diligence, litigation support, private investigations, and security.

Before their site redesign, they were using Wix. This provided a very “do it yourself” design feel with a lot of text that wasn’t playing well on search. We redesigned their site with a lot of text in mind, but also being sure to utilize all that text for search. Now, UACB will rank much higher for San Francisco based searches in their speciality areas.

Furthermore, UACB had a very poor user experience. Users had a very hard time finding contact info and paying UACB. Now, their phone number and a contact form are very prevalent. Customers can also pay their bills via the site.

To top things off, the new UACB site has been put into WordPress, been made responsive (so visitors on their phones and tablets have a good experience), and utilized WP Engine for lightning fast speed (another SEO boost).