Constant Souffle

At a Glance


    A category-centric blog, Contstant Souffle focuses on bringing tips and tricks to fashionistas. An LA-based blog, they cover all things fashion, sales, lifestyle, furniture and everything in between. We sat down to redesign their blog, as it was a pretty static, plain website. It often appeared broken on different browsers, not to mention mobile.

    With this in mind, we wanted to give their site a magazine-chic feel, while allowing the content to really shine through without a whole lot of extras. We re-structured the site, using WordPress, taking full advantage of a whole array of categories. The site is based almost solely on posts… with this in mind we added a bunch of categories to make content a lot more searchable.

    We also scrapped almost everything they had from their previous site, except content, in favor of a totally new structure and color scheme.

    EDIT: Now includes a mobile version.