At a Glance


    A creative strategist firm, Brazenworks is a company dedicated to enhancing the user experience in all walks of life. But, they needed to reinvent the user experience of their own website. What was once built on iWeb, is now powered by WordPress. URLs ending in “.html” no longer exist, and their portfolio is elegant, responsive and a much better representation of who they are.

    The Brazenworks portfolio now boasts a lot of JavaScript functionality such as in-page portfolio item viewing, and a rotating gallery of featured projects on the home page (something their old site was desperately in need of). All of this has allowed their work to come front and center, in an informative and more market-oriented way.

    Each portfolio piece has a video and some descriptive information, but ultimately it’s the galleries that make them more interactive. Each has a responsive photo gallery, which showcases more photos, in a cleaner way to help visitors gain insight into each project.

    Finally, they no longer need a separate URL for their blog, as it is caked right into the design. The featured posts on the homepage allow visitors to get a quick glance at the inner working of Brazenworks before learning more.