At a Glance


    It’s the age old story: company hires developer, developer builds 50-80% of the site, and then leaves. And that’s where I come in. Akraya had a new site redesigned, and was really close to launching when the developer just up and left.

    So we took elements of the redesign and coupled it with the Cool Blue responsive theme from Theme Forest, to ensure the site looked pretty on every device and browser. Then imported all their old content and used Revolution Slider to add a custom slider to every top level page

    Previously on Joomla!, akraya.com is now fully maintainable (before they had to call a developer to make even the smallest content changes) and a marketing machine (with a bunch of SEO enhancements) to allow them to see real time metrics on how their marketing campaigns are doing.

    We also wanted to ensure that candidates could search for job openings (after all, they are a recruiting firm), so we dropped in a custom iframe with works with their CRM API to enable a real time job search feature