Barry & Nolan

At a Glance



    My friends Barry & Nolan are getting married! So as a wedding present, I built them a wedding website for all their wedding info. Things like locations, times, whose in the wedding, etc. As well as pictures and stories of them.

    Theres also a form so people can RSVP, along with which events their attending, and leave a message in their guestbook for all to see. They can manage all of this in the backend of WordPress. Kind of like a mailing list of sorts.

    Most of the content is on the homepage, but there are some links that take you to peoples bios or stories. We did this so people wouldn’t be digging around for information. Furthermore, the site is fully responsive, as it may be used the day of the wedding to view videos and other media, and the only way people can access it is on their phone.