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Web Development

Web development is the way in which your site is built. In essence it is the code that is behind the pages. Web development, unlike web design, is much more of a science.

Basic principles of good web development:

  1. DRY – don’t repeat yourself. The more code that’s written the longer the page load time is. One very easy way to cut down on this is to make sure there is zero repetition. This can be a bit tedious at times, especially with inherited projects, but is always worth doing.
  2. Bleeding edge – Development, especially for the web is constantly changing. To be on the “bleeding edge” is to be using the latest technologies. This creates for a faster, more secure environment. The newer the technology the harder it is to hack, as people haven’t had time to fully learn the details.
  3. No cowboy coding – cowboy coding is editing a live site. Instead, I’ll copy the entire site to my local machine, edit it, and then upload it. This creates for a much nicer, cleaner process and should the site break locally (due to editing) it won’t break on the live URL. This means zero down time.
  4. Hosting & Hardware – believe it or not, the server you chose to host your site on plays a huge role, not only in how it’s displayed, but how fast it’s displayed. Web development often changes depending upon which server is used to host a website.

There are many small things that can improve the web development process. I’ll make sure we not only get all the big things right, when building your site, but also the small things. They all add up to create better SEO and a faster site. This allows users to not get frustrated, as a result not leaving your site for a competitors.

Web development resources:

  1. CSS Tricks
  2. WP Tuts
  3. Net Tuts
  4. Specky Boy