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Web Design

Web design is often an overlooked aspect of many web projects. Your web design is very important to converting visitors to customers. The design of your site will determine how users interact with your content, and plays a pivotal role in your web presence.

Basic principles of good web design:

  1. KISS – keep it simple stupid. All of my designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also easy to use. Less confusion is better. People know what they want, why make it hard to find? Simple design converts visitors to customers.
  2. Trends – web design is like fashion. It is a never ending cycle of trends. Flat, responsive, UX, UI, etc. It all boils down to this: is your web design easy to understand? Can people find what they’re looking for without jumping through hoops? Because if they can’t, they’re going to end up being your competitors customer.
  3. Responsive – one trend that will never go away is responsive web design. This means your web design is suited for all platforms and all browsers. The way visitors interact with your website is different across all platforms; the web design should be too.
  4. More than just a pretty picture – I look at all web design projects from a high level first. What is the ultimate goal of your web design? Is it to convert users to subscribers? To convert visitors to clients? It could be any number of things, but these key facts play a huge role in the design of your site.

What separates my design from other freelancers/agencies is that it is made for your business and your business only. I don’t use templates, and really try to understand your company and its goals before implementing any design.

Web design resources:

  1. Web Design Ledger
  2. Smashing Magazine
  3. Vandelay Design
  4. SimpleBits
  5. CSS Tricks
  6. 1st Web Designer