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User Experience / User Interface

As straight forward as possible.

You have 3 seconds.

Did you blink? You may have just missed your visitors. And guess what? Most of them go and are gone forever.

There is so much happening on the web that if a user can’t find what they’re looking for, they’re gone. You have roughly 3 seconds until the average user makes up their mind as to whether or not they’re staying.

A simple, clean, intuitive user experience is paramount to converting your visitors into customers. Let them find what they’re looking for.

In the mind of your user

  • What Do I Want?

    This is perhaps the only question you can't answer for your user. Although, once they're on your site, you can show them what they want.

  • Where Can I Find It?

    Once someone has landed on your site, navigating through it to find what they're looking for as to be simple, clean and intuitive. This is UX.

  • Where Am I Now?

    Making sure a user very clearly knows where they are at all times is critical to converting them to a customer. A confused user is one who leaves.

  • Do I Want This?

    Did you show them what they were looking for? If you didn't, all it takes is one click and they're gone.


Your UX has to answer all these questions for the user, and more. And do it really really fast. We want to keep the user experience as simple as possible, for as few questions as possible. This is why we like to keep it simple.

Much like the bricks of your online presence, the UX is the foundation for all purchasing decisions. And less decisions means more retention.

Ready to convert your users?