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Real Instagram Followers

Real Instagram Followers Plans

  • 500 Followers per Month

  • $500/mo
    • 500 Real Instagram Followers to your account every month
    • Increased engagement
    • DM up to 100 new followers
    • Comment up to 1,000 photos
    • Targeted search parameters

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  • 750 Followers per Month

  • $750/mo
    • 750 Real Instagram Followers to your account every month
    • Increased engagement
    • DM up to 200 new followers
    • Comment up to 2,000 photos
    • Targeted search parameters

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  • 1,500 Followers per Month

  • $999/mo
    • 1,500 Real Instagram Followers to your account every month
    • Increased engagement
    • DM all new followers
    • Comment up to 10,000 photos
    • Targeted search parameters
    • Access to exclusive engagement groups

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How it works

  • Choose your plan

    Select a plan from above, submit your info, and pay via PayPal.

  • Send Login

    Send me your Instagram login credentials so I can access your account.

  • Thats it!

    That's it! Watch as your Instagram gains new followers, likes, and comments!

Why you need real Instagram Followers

Not only are you going to be gaining real Instagram followers, you’ll be gaining TARGETED potential customers. Instagram makes it so easy to find your target audience and engage with them. From a business point of view, there’s almost no social media that makes searching, messaging, and commenting so easy. This is why it’s paramount for your company to not only be ON Instagram, but to be active.

The name of the game is exposure. Instagram makes it really easy to get exposure in a world full of noise. You’ll want to make sure you read through the guide that I email you, after you sign up, for tips and tricks on posting. Rest assured you can expect to see a bump in website traffic (provided you have a site in your bio), likes on your photos, followers, and CUSTOMERS. This is all about driving action: mailing list sign ups, product purchases, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to email, call or fill out my contact form so we can get you more engagement!

Frequently Asked Questions about getting real Instagram followers

Why is it so expensive?

This is a very time intensive process. Of course, there are dozens of sites out there that promise you thousands of followers for only a few bucks. But, the goal isn’t to just get a high follower count, it’s to get targeted customers interacting with your page. One REAL customer is worth far more than 20k fake followers.

Instagram has more or less banned the use of bots, and bot accounts, so interacting with your community is a much more manual process.

Are these just bot followers?

DEFINITELY NOT. Bots, and bot followers don’t do anyone any good. Again, we’re not just aiming for a high follower count. We’re aiming for real, targeted customers. This is a slow and steady process and it won’t happen overnight.

Will I be getting more likes on my photos and videos?

MOST DEFINITELY! Not only will you naturally be getting more likes as a result of more followers, but I’ll also be liking photos and hashtags on your behalf, which drives up engagement on your photos. The goal is to boost your photos to the explore page, or the top posts for hashtags and locations.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

It just depends on your budget and how much engagement you want to see. For most, you’ll get the most from the 1.5k followers/mo plan.

What if I need more than 1,500 followers per month?

Right now, I can’t guarantee more than 1,500 followers per month.

Will my account be banned or black listed?

Most likely no. I’ve never had a single client get their Instagram account banned, blacked listed, or even had a warning. That being said, I have read some accounts on the internet of people getting their account black listed.

In order to increase the likely hood that you won’t get a warning, we’ll start slow over the first few weeks to ramp up your account, so as to not draw any suspicious activity.

Note: if your account gets banned or black listed, I am not responsible and you will not get a refund. Again, I’ve never had this happen, but I must have this disclaimer.

What happens if I don’t reach the follower amount promised?

You get a refund for that month!

How many devices can I be logged in on at the same time?

You can only be logged in on TWO devices at a time (not including the device I will also be logged in from). Instagram’s algorithm raises flags when there’s a lot of logins on different devices.

What are the following limits on Instagram?

The limits are really high, and we most likely won’t even come close to hitting them. And, in fact we want to be well below the limits, because hitting them is a sure fire sign that a bot is doing your engagement. That being said (and it’s tough to know with 100% certainty), you can follow up to 7,500 accounts PER DAY. That number is insanely high, and we won’t be following anywhere near that amount.

Who else have you done this for?

Unfortunately, I can’t disclose my other clients (nor will I ever disclose yours), but you can take a look at both my personal (@keganquimby) and my business (@keganquimbywebdesign) Instagram accounts. My personal has way more followers, because I’m more active on it: I post once or twice a week, and interact with my followers much more on that one.

Is there anything I need to be doing?

It really helps if you post regularly, and with a theme (which is generally pretty easy for most companies). It also helps to use a real camera, and post high quality photos (not only should it be a good shot, but it should literally be a high quality photo).

Can I keep all the people I’m following now?

Yep! I won’t unfollow any accounts that you’re following when you sign up.

What if I want to cancel?

I’ll cancel your subscription for the following month and continue to be active on your account until it runs out (unless you don’t want me to).

Do you need more than just real Instagram followers?

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