New York Collegiate Alumni Soccer League

At a Glance


    When Troy came to me back in September, the original goal was to create a site for an indoor soccer league. That never quite got off the ground, so he went back to the drawing board and created NYCASL. An outdoor soccer league for college alumni. The only must-have feature was registration. I took a plugin called Events Espresso and modified it specifically for their needs. Now their site is complete, with a two step registration process and payment through paypal.

    The original design was over cluttered and dull. I had this generic blue color scheme with a lot of space for content, that simply wasn’t going to get used. So when the indoor league was scraped, I too went back to the drawing board and got back to my roots: simplicity and elegance. I pulled out many of the features of the old site, and redesigned everything from the ground up.

    The main thing I wanted to focus on was the content above the fold. As you can see we have all the links at the top, followed by an image with a video overlay, the name of the league and two call to actions: learn more and register. Immediately allowing users to access almost all the information they need. Below that there is a photo gallery (which will be replaced by live action shots of the league) and some more info.