Fintech Recruiters

At a Glance




    Fintech Recruiters is a global recruiting firm for all people in technical industries. They have clients throughout all of the United States, Europe and some of Asia. They’re focused mainly on financial technical positions.

    Because they’re just starting out, they had no web presence at all. They first tried to install an out-of-the-box WordPress theme, but had a hard time configuring it, and finally called me. I first set them up with a couple different designs, based on the content they already had. After the designs were complete, we added some content for SEO purposes.

    Then we went ahead and dropped everything into WordPress, tweaked their content, and did some more SEO. Ultimately, Nako and the whole Fintech Recruiters team have been set up to continue growing and building their web presence with a blog, social media, and some other basics.