At a Glance


    When Film-Forward came to me, their site looked like it was straight out of the ’90s.  They were still using tables to lay it out… So, we started from the ground up to build a custom wordpress theme, which was an 180 degree turn around. They needed an easy way to manage authors, drafts, reviews and events.

    What I had in mind at the beginning was a much more simple and elegant layout, one that would show off the newest reviews, while allowing the most popular to also be easily accesible without having to be searched for in the archives. They lacked all of this ease-of-use with their old site, but now have it in their new site.

    Readers can now comment, rate, tweet, like, g+ and basically interact with film-forward in every way possible. This will go a long way in gaining active, returning users to the already 35,000 unique views they have a month. A good design can really increase the traffic and build a stronger community.

    Click here to view the old site (circa 2011 NOT 1999)