Billie Shaker

At a Glance

    A photographer from Brooklyn, Billie came to me with no online presence. She needed a place to easily share her photos, in a portfolio-like layout. She wanted something not so rigid and fixed, as her pictures often change orientation.

    She had already started a tumblr blog which had almost 100 followers, so we decided to stay on that platform. We switched the domain to a .com and not to appear more professional. On each of her gallery pages, people can now see all the photos associated with that gallery by scrolling down the page. This allowed for big, vibrant images.

    We took an existing theme that she already liked, Canvas, and customized every last piece of it. Put a logo in the top left, instead of text. Allowed for more than one image on each permalink page. Now she can display each gallery in a scroll like manner, where each image is as big as the next.

    Socially, we set up a Flickr account for her to share photos on as well as the site. Viewers can now share each gallery via facebook and twitter as well.