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WordPress Tricks Part 3

08 Oct WordPress Tricks Part 3

We’ve now seen two parts in the “WordPress Tricks” series, and now we have one more for you! You can check out Part 1 & Part 2. This doesn’t build on those, but rather offer additional tips to make your WordPress experience faster and more efficient.

  1. Top nav bar – You’ll notice a black bar along the top of your site on both the back end and the front end. This is to make adding/editing all post types and a few other things a bit easier. You’ll notice when editing a post, for example, there is a link up top that says “View Post.” But then when you view that post on the front end, if you’re logged in, it will say “Edit Post.” When you click that it will take you right to the edit screen. This way you don’t have to find it in the “Posts” tab of your backend in WordPress. Quite handy.
    To hide it, however, as it can sometimes get annoying, go to Users and find your user. You’ll notice a section called “Toolbar.” Uncheck the “show toolbar when viewing site” and the toolbar will disappear on the front end. Unfortunately there is no way to get rid of it on the back end. But, that’s okay because it fits in with the UI pretty nicely (often times the theme you’re using will have a fixed nav, which will overlap with the black bar).
  2. Setting author picture – Your author picture is used for all WordPress posts, as well as backend info and even more around the web. Most people don’t take advantage of how easy it is to set up a picture that’s associated with your user. Simply go to (global avatar) and set the picture for the email that you have associated with your user account. It’s that simple.
  3. QuickPress – When you first login to WordPress, you come to the dashboard screen. This often goes unused as you’re quickly directed into doing something with some content somewhere. If you haven’t touched the default layout of the Dashboard screen (which can be found by clicking on the dashboard tab in the top left of your WordPress backend), you’ll notice the top right box says “QuickPress.” This is to get something pretty simple and quick published with very little effort. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend it for longer posts, but it is quite handy for the shorter ones.

That’s all for now! We’ll come back with some more WordPress tips & tricks in another post, but utilize these in the mean time!


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