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WordPress Tricks Part 2

17 Sep WordPress Tricks Part 2

In part 1 of WordPress Tricks we saw how to use WordPress to make working with the backend a little more efficient. Lets expand on that and take a look at four more things to make WordPress even faster to use.

  1. Publish posts in the future (or the past) – you’ll notice on the right hand side, before you publish a post (or after you publish a post) there is a small calendar icon with the “publish immediately” text next to it. Beside that is a link that says “edit.” Clicking that brings up a date option. If you change this date to the future, it will queue your post for that date (publish at that time in the future). Similarly, if you set it for the past it will archive it to that date. This could be useful if you’re like myself and like writing 10-15 posts in a sitting, instead of one at a time.
  2. See post excerpts from your aggregate post list – sometimes, you want to know what’s in the post before editing it. The title may not be a dead give away, or you may be inheriting things from someone else. Regardless, seeing an excerpt, could be helpful in deciding if you want to edit the post or not. From the posts tab, you’ll see two icons next to a count of your items, in the top right hand corner. It looks like this:
    item count
    By default, the left icon is selected. This is the normal layout you’re used to seeing in your WordPress dashboard. Click the right icon, however, and you’ll see an excerpt of the post below it, without leaving the current screen. No longer do you have to click through multiple posts to make sure you’re going to edit the correct one.
  3. Test themes before activating – This is new as of a few versions of ago of WordPress. You can now customize a theme before activating it. This allows you to very easily see what a theme would look and feel like, with your content, before publishing it. It used to be you either had to set up a mock site, or just push the theme live and then edit it really fast. No longer.
    New themes come with this feature (it has to be coded in by the theme developer), enabling the “customize” link under the Appearance tab in your WordPress dashboard. Click on that link and you’ll be able to edit (depending upon the theme) most theme options, logo options, color options, etc. Simply click activate once you’re satisfied and it will be live.
    There’s a lot more to come with this feature in the future versions of WordPress, as you can’t do basic things, like save your progress with it. When everything is built out, this will be a very powerful feature of WordPress.
  4. Distraction free writing – there is so much going on with your WordPress dashboard, it is often times, hard to focus on the task at hand: writing. Within the standard set of icons above a post, you’ll see basic formatting options like making text bold or italic, adding a link, etc. You’ll also see a box with four arrows pointing to the corners (right next to the abc with the check mark). Clicking this brings you to a full screen writing environment with nothing on either side of the editor. All you see if your writing. To exit, simply click “exit fullscreen.”

That’s all for now, I’ll be back with more WordPress tricks in a few more posts, but hopefully these helped you become a bit more efficient with all things WordPress.

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