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15 Jun WordPress Tricks

Having used WordPress obsessively for about two years now, there’s some cool little tricks you can do to make your life a lot easier when it comes to editing and adding content. These are just a few (more to come)

  1. Screen Options – a highly under utilized aspect in your WordPress dashboard. Check out the top right of the screen and you’ll notice a tab that says “screen options.” These are configurable options for each different post type, taxonomy, etc. Best used for displaying tons of posts. If you have more than 20, by default WordPress will paginate your posts. This can be annoying to have to search, or if you want to edit, say 50 posts at once (changing their author, for example). You can display more than 20 posts by using the screen options tab.
  2. Adding Target and Classes to your menu – often times you’ll want to link to another site via yours, but you don’t want the visitor to leave your site. Toggle the screen options from number 1, under appearance > menu. Then you can check CSS Classes and Link Target. This allows you to check a box for each link if you want it to open in a new tab or window. Additionally, you can add a CSS class for styling.
  3. Changing post count – by default 10 posts will appear on any given archive page. To change this, go to settings > reading. Often you’ll want all your posts to display. Change the number to -1 to accomplish this.
  4. The last one is for use with a plugin called “display widgets.” This allows you to toggle the appearance of your widgets on a per page, post, or almost any other content type. Thus, if you want your widget to only appear on a single page, you can set it to “show on checked” and then toggle the pages, posts, etc. that you want that particular widget to display on.

These are just four simple, neat little tips and tricks to help make navigating the backend of your WordPress site a little easier.

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