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02 Jan WordPress Statistics

I was talking to a few people I do contract work for, out in San Jose, the other day. Among many other things, we were discussing why WordPress is so awesome and how widely used it is. I wanted to share some of these amazing numbers (and expand on them).

  • Sites running 60.5M +
  • Percentage of the INTERNET using WordPress (either .com or .org): 17%
  • Registered Plugins: 23,402
  • FREE Themes: 1,674
  • Free theme downloads: 67M +
  • Posts per month of users: 40M +
  • Notable sites running WordPress: BBC, Best Buy, Tech Crunch, Mashable, CNN, Rolling Stones. Just to name six.
  • WordPress 3.5 downloads: 8,792,632
  • Supported Languages: 68

Those are just some of the amazing statistics WordPress boasts. Since not all info can be captured from downloads, they may even be a bit understated. It’s also important to note that things like plugin count and theme count are drastically under estimated, as there are a ton of non-WordPress¬†registered themes and plugins.

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