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09 Nov WordPress for iOS

WordPress offers a great, free, app for managing all of your WordPress sites. You can do everything you can do in your normal WordPress site, but the basics are optimized for the iPad and iPhone and other iOS devices. The app is great if you’re doing a lot of blogging, or basic content updates, or want to make quick changes on the go.

For most people, however, it’s important to make larger design changes or layout changes on a bigger computer, so they can test the appearance in a real browser. Although, it’s pretty cool to note that you can actually make and edit all your files from the app.

Once you download the app, you’ll have to make sure that the XML-RPC option is checked (Settings > Writing and scroll to the bottom). This comes checked by default with WordPress 3.5 (just one of many new awesome features). Once that’s checked, you can login by adding a blog with your credentials. You can even use a site.

To enable the stats you have to make sure your JetPack plugin is installed and working correctly. If it’s not you can install it right from the app (I did!).

To add or edit any content, select the blog you want and the post type (page or post). Custom post types aren’t native to the app, but everything is fully accessible via the in-app dashboard (this is literally your dashboard being rendered within the app). You can even view a preview of the page.

One of the awesome features that comes with the app (but not in the regular dashboard) is the geocaching option. It is turned off by default (to turn it on click Settings > select your blog and toggle Geotagging to on). This allows users to see where you are (awesome for reviews or other location dependent projects), by adding a Google Maps location to your post.
Note: your theme has to utilize the geotagging location, though, and since the feature is pretty new, a lot of themes won’t implement it. We’ll talk about implementing it within your theme in another post.

The WordPress team has done an awesome job designing this very intuitive, simple and easy-to-use app (this post was published via the app). If you have any questions, please leave em in the comments below. Happy blogging!

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