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WordPress 3.8: Parker

13 Dec WordPress 3.8: Parker

WordPress is brand new as of today (Decemeber 13, 2013), and it boasts a ton of cool new features. Aside from the normal speed and security upgrades, WordPress now comes with a shiny new interface.

Over the last several months, design has become increasingly flat. Meaning, there is no fading, or shadows within different elements on the page. We see this big time with the new iOS, and lots of other new apps. Elements have one solid background color, instead of a glossy shine.

This is true of the new WordPress, as well. The general look and feel of the site has become increasingly flat. With about a half a dozen new color schemes to choose from, the viewing experience can differ greatly from user to user. The old versions of WordPress had blue, grey, and green color schemes, without a lot of thought (as people never really differed from the default). Now, color schemes can change the whole look and feel of the backend of WordPress.

The second big change is the mobile/responsiveness. No longer do you really need the WordPress app, as you can manage everything right from your browser on both tablet and mobile. This is a huge improvement.

The last thing you’ll realize is that WordPress is now releasing new versions much faster than they were, say a year ago. This is because they want to be on the bleeding edge of technology and design.

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