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WordPress 3.5: Elvin

12 Dec WordPress 3.5: Elvin

WordPress is brand new as of today, with version 3.5. It includes a ton of new upgrades from both the coding and design aspects, as well as enhanced security and increased speed. If you’re not running 3.5 I highly recommend upgrading right now.

At the forefront of the new WordPress is the media uploader. Images are now accessible throughout your entire site, instead of on a per post basis. Galleries have also become super easy to create (click “Add Media” > Create Gallery > select your photos), which drop into any post or page with a shortcode.

Images are also available on an attachment page (a URL not ending with .jpg, .png, etc.). This means when a user clicks an image, they’ll see all the structure of your site (links, sidebars, etc.) instead of seeing just an image tucked in the top left corner. A great feature for site retention.

On top of all of this, images are now much more editable right within your WordPress dashboard, via the media tab. You can now rotate, flip, crop, and scale as well as write some information for its attachment page. Some of that was available before, but it was much more hidden than it is now.

Some other notable changes with 3.5:

  • enhanced speed (some under-the-hood improvements)
  • enhanced security
  • XML-RPC enabled by default (this is a setting that had to be ticked for mobile/tablet editing)
  • less settings (WordPress lives by the mantra “choices, not options“) – moved security settings to the reading tab
  • changed button design (among other design). Buttons no long have 2em border-radiuses (or whatever they were before)
  • no more blogroll (by default). If you’re upgrading from an old version your Links tab will still be in your WordPress dashboard, but on a fresh install it won’t be there.

You may have noticed, upon upgrading, that some plugins look a little funky. This is because their developers aren’t hooking into the WordPress functions that style buttons/the interface. A big no-no, but the functionality shouldn’t be effected too much.

All in all, this is a long time coming, as the media experience has long needed an overhaul (especially with javascript). The other features are just a bunch of small enhancements for improving usability, speed and security. All things at the forefront of the WordPress brand.

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