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How To: Install WordPress

30 May How To: Install WordPress

There are a million and one different scenarios and environments in which WordPress can be installed, but there are two main ones:

  1. The famous 5 minute install
  2. One click installers

Lets walk through each one. First, you’re going to need to make sure you have hosting setup. If you haven’t bought hosting, make sure you follow my hosting guide, so you can use a one click installer (this will make your life much easier). If you already have hosting, without a one click installer, we’ll have to install WordPress the old fashioned way.

Note: before proceeding with the steps below make sure you don’t have a one click installer (something like fantastico, or WordPress, or Simple Scripts).

  1. Download WordPress and unzip it.
  2. Login to your hosting account
  3. Create an FTP user and password. By default some hosts will create a new folder for you. Thus, if I make a user ‘kegan’ my FTP user will be put in a folder called ‘kegan’ thus creating something like That’s not what we want. Make sure you’re in public_html or the highest level possible.
  4. Create a database and a database user. Each host is entirely different with creating and editing databases and their users. Make sure you write down the database name, user, password, and host (for a lot of hosts it’s just ‘localhost’, but for GoDaddy, and some others, it can be different.)
  5. Download an FTP client. The easiest to work with is Filezilla, it’s totally free and pretty easy to use. Login with your FTP credentials from step 3. Sometimes the user needs an @domainname appended on the end of it. Thus, if my user was kegan, I may need to actually do
  6. From where you downloaded WordPress, rename the wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php and then open it with a text editor. Enter in all the database info from step 4 (make sure everything stays within single quotes).
  7. Get some salt for your database. Copy that and replace lines 45-52 in your wp-config.php file.
  8. On the right side are the files on your server, and on the left are the files on your computer. There should be nothing on the right side. Navigate to where you downloaded and unzipped WordPress and open the folder called ‘wordpress.’ We want the files inside the folder, not the actual folder itself. Select all the files and drag them over to the right hand side of FileZilla (effectively putting them on your server).
  9. Navigate to your site with /wp-admin on the end and finish the install!

Now for the one click installers!

  1. Login to your hosting account
  2. Find the applications that come installed with your hosting
  3. Look for the WordPress installer. Can also be called: Fantastico, Simple Scripts, or just WordPress. If you can’t find it, but have hosting from above make sure to look in the FAQ section for WordPress installers.
  4. Follow the guide from the installer.
  5. That’s it!

There are a ton of different combinations of hosting platforms, that all give you different access levels. If you don’t know what to look for check out my article on WordPress hosting. If you don’t have hosting make sure it comes with a one click installer for WordPress and costs about $5-$10 per month.

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