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SEO in Less Than 10 Minutes

16 Nov SEO in Less Than 10 Minutes

SEO is hot right now. Everyone wants it. But what is “it?” How do you “do SEO?” What makes some websites soar to the top of Google and others be on page five? Lets take a quick look at how you can improve your ranking in under 10 minutes.
Note: this is like 85% of all SEO stuff. It takes about 10 minutes to set up. You’ll want to do a lot more than this to get to the top, but this is a good start. 

  1. Start a blog – Fresh, relevant content always wins. ALWAYS. You need good content, and you need lots of it. Not just today, or tomorrow but on a continual basis. Keep writing. Keep tagging and keep categorizing. WordPress makes it so easy. SEO isn’t something you “do once.” You need to do it every day. A site with an updated blog will always rank higher than one without a blog.
    Focus your blog. Have a single topic. This will make it easy for you to remain relevant (and rank higher) in one space.
  2. Install Yoast –  This plugin makes it so effin easy to configure literally every single aspect of each post, page, category, custom post type, and on and on. If you don’t know what you’re doing, they’ll even walk you through it. You can change everything on a per post basis (which you should) to make your post relevant to a particular search term (keyword).
  3. Socialize – Let people find you. Share your content. On all platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, and any other relevant platforms. Let others do the same by adding tweet, g+ and facebook icons to your posts (via a WordPress plugin).

And that’s it. 85% of your SEO is now done. Keep in mind, that getting to the top of Google (or any other search engine) from scratch is going to take longer than a day or a week or probably even a month. Keep pushing relevant, good content out, allow people to interact (via social and comments) and watch your business grow!

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