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eCommerce with WordPress

23 Sep eCommerce with WordPress

There are a million and one ecommerce solutions for selling goods online, from custom solutions to sites like Shopify. WordPress has become a big player in the last couple years, thanks in large part to WooCommerce.

Using plugins to extend WordPress is nothing strange, so here again we can install the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress to add ecommerce (store) functionality to any site.

This will allow you to manage products and settings relating to your store front. For simplicity sake I recommend using PayPal to take payments. It’s easy, cheap, and allows for people without PayPal accounts to still buy via credit cards.

For other payment types, a secured connection or SSL encryption is required (if you want to take credit cards right on your site, for example). And this requires a lot more money: an upgrade in hosting to dedicated hosting ($100/mo roughly) as well as purchasing the actual SSL certificate ($200/page roughly).

Furthermore, you can change just about everything imaginable from currency type (pound, USD, etc.) to payment types accepted to layout of the product page. Overriding the woocommerce default functionality and styles is as simple as adding a woocommerce.php file in your theme folder.

The best part about woocommerce is its complexity. Much like WordPress itself, it caters to the basic user: installing and setting up is very easy, customizing and bending everything the way you want is much more complicated. Still, everything remains super speedy and well documented.

That’s the WordPress way.

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