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Case Study: Virus Vaults

07 Dec Case Study: Virus Vaults

Virus Vaults is a software company dedicated to protecting computers from viruses and malware. They do this with a new method that uses virtual machines for browsing (don’t worry, I don’t know what that means either).

They wanted a single page WordPress site that would display all their information, while being visually stimulating. They also wanted to allow for ecommerce functionality down the road with woocommerce. The last thing they wanted was parallax scrolling. This is becoming a hot trend with single page sites. A parallax site is one where the background scrolls at a different rate than the foreground.

Single page, parallax sites are often good for visually comparing information, instead of text based information. They’re also most effective for sites who don’t have a whole lot of content. This allows users to very quickly and easily see everything, without ever having to leave a single page.

So we started with full width slider that highlights a few of the best aspects of Virus Vaults. This teaser leaves users wondering more about the product and what makes it so unique. The slider uses a full width, full height background image with overlaid text. This is often not a good approach, as visitors can’t see that there is more content below the slider. So, we decreased the slider height by 10% of the screen height of the user. This was done with jQuery.

Since this was being built with a theme (as a WordPress framework), I used a number of shortcodes to implement comparison tables, full width color backgrounds, contact forms, and a number of elements found throughout the site. All of the shortcodes came out of the box with the theme.


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