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3 Plugins Every WordPress Site Needs

23 Oct 3 Plugins Every WordPress Site Needs

In a world of 22,036 WordPress plugins, three stand above the rest. Granted every site has different needs, and should probably have more than just three plugins, but every site should have these three.

  1. Yoast SEO – a highly configurable SEO plugin. Allows customization for every page, post and other custom post type. Allows keywords, sitemaps, permalinks and other SEO items to be easily configured. The only downside is that there’s quite a bit to manage. Not to worry, though, as about 90% of everything only needs to be configured once.
  2. Contact Form 7 – every site should have some kind of contact form, even if it’s just a small name and email in the sidebar. Contact Form 7 allows you to easily create a custom form, and display wherever you want via shortcodes. No need to know HTML, CSS or any other code (although it will greatly enhance your forms). Just plug and play!
  3. Akismet – I’m a huge fan of third party comments (most of the time), but there are just sometimes where you need to be able to custom design comments. When a third party isn’t involved (ie facebook or disqus) there is a massive amount of spam. Akismet helps to eliminate this spam. Don’t ask me how it works, because I don’t know. It’s like magic. Just sign up for an API key (they’re free for personal use) and enjoy spam free (or nearly free) comments!

These three plugins are the foundation upon which every site should be built. They’re all free (akismet could cost some money for a business) and should all be taken full advantage of. They’re super easy to configure and take just minutes to install and maximize.

Questions above configuration or installation? Drop a line in the comments below.

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