Thanks to Kegan’s talent and ingenuity, our very complex WordPress multi-site — with hundreds of images, videos, and pop-up information windows — hums for middle school students across the country. In addition to his programming and graphic wizardry, Kegan pinpointed and embedded the best solutions for our single sign-on, analytics, search, and special-feature needs. This was no small feat. We added extras on our site beyond the original scope of work — which Kegan had to trouble shoot and deliver within a tight schedule. His patience with us and his care for his craft have spelled success for our little start-up. We will be working with Kegan for a long time as he continues to manage our site. He is a true gem.

Dori Jones – Head of Product, Ed Gems

I asked Kegan to design my new photography website. Not only did he create an amazing design he was readily available to answer any questions I had. He was able to offer support and advice on how to add to my page as well. If you’re needing any web design/development than Kegan Quimby is the way to go!

Katie Rivera

Kegan did an excellent job on our project (designing and implementing a web site for a think tank). He was responsive, great to work with and reasonably priced. I definitely recommend him, especially for small businesses that need high-quality results at a good price.

John Hinderaker

Kegan created a wedding website for me and it was top notch! Very sleek and at the same time personal and creative. I couldn’t be happier with the job he did. He was very responsive to our requests and created a product that we are not only proud of but excited to show our family and friends. Often wedding webistes are on the cheesy side of things or overly sappy but this his was practical, entertaining and truly represented my fiance and I. I appreciated his personal touches and his keen eye for design. This is the type of small business relationship I want everyone to experience. His works speaks for itself but the man behind the machine is the reason I would recommend him to anyone with WordPress needs. An all around pleasant experience.

Barry Rivera

I’m receiving lots of compliments and positive feedback on the website designed by Kegan.

His clean and uncluttered design helps my website fintechrecruiters.com stand out from the crowd!

He also took the initiative to edit and improve things based on his design discretion.

I highly recommend Kegan Quimby Web Design if you’re looking for a fresh and current looking site to improve your company’s overall image.

Thank you Kegan!

Nako Mbelle

Kegan’s a master web designer. Don’t let the fact he looks like he could be a new member of One Direction fool you – this kid is wise beyond his tender years. He did an outstanding job on my law firm’s soon-to-be-launched website, was ultra-responsive (even communicating and continuing to work on my site when he was on a month-long European vacation!) and his fees were more than reasonable. He’s an extremely bright guy that could get a job at Google, Facebook, etc., at the drop of a hat, but he’s taken the path less traveled, is doing top-notch work and the world is better off for it.

David Avila

Kegan built my website and did a FABULOUS job. I would recommend his work (and working with him) to anyone – like shouting from the rooftops style. My reasons? Proficiency. He has a terrific portfolio of work, which initially drew me in, but then a deep understanding of coding and creating WordPress sites. I had a lot of customized backend concepts I wanted to employ, and was never disappointed in his execution thereof. Partnership and Thoughtfulness. Kegan listened to everything I wanted and then adapted the website continually to my company vision, checking in frequently. I felt like I was truly partnering with him in the website development. He’s very detail oriented. Value. I got a lot for my money, and even upon completion of my project Kegan was quickly available to make changes and updates, which are critical to the success of a startup, online business like mine.

Jen Hugo

I am a very satisfied customer of Kegan Quimby, who just finished my firm’s website and launched it on the Internet. Getting the website done and working with Kegan was a very pleasant experience for me. Kegan is a very knowledgeable website designer/developer, with excellent skills in WordPress. He’s capable of doing an outstanding website from scratch, or, as in my case, of working closely with the site owner to take his/her ideas and improve them to a high degree of professionalism. He’s very creative and artistic, and practical and efficient. I recommend him without reservation, and I will be using him in the future when my website needs attention.

Ted Parker

Kegan helped us design our website from scratch and was there to assist us every step of the way. He is talented, easy to work with, and very dependable. I highly recommend him for any website work that you need done.

Josh Moonesinghe

Kegan did a great job redesigning our website. He was creative, diligent, engaged and very professional. Nicely done!

Dan Donovan

After our contract ran out with our previous web designer I began shopping around for a new web designer to give our site a facelift. I originally chose Kegan because his quote was far more reasonable than the competition and I could not have been more pleased with the results. Kegan took our vision and made it a reality, allowing users to sign up for our forums, lodge a complaint form, integrate users with constant contact and allowing us to easily export all material into formatted excel files. Kegan was accessible throughout the project and finished a week ahead of schedule, he has my highest recommendation and we plan on using him again in the future.

Brian King

Kegan has passion and integrity behind the work he does as a developer. That combined with his personality and attention to details of each client’s needs make him an ideal business partner to work with when developing a new website.


Kegan is really fantastic to work with. He re-did my website very quickly and made it completely stress-free for me! He is talented at what he does, but also great at communicating ideas and processes with less tech savvy people like myself. He is the only person I use to handle my websites of build something new. I highly recommend him.


Kegan is great at what he does! So much so I hope to steal him away one day and make him my programmer for my site constantsouffle.com


Besides the fact that it is extremely easy to get along with Kegan and his great sense of humor, he is also a very hard worker. Always great with deadlines and has never disappointed. His WordPress skills are top notch and I highly recommend him.

Nick Kovurov

Jenny Champion

Kegan is thorough, creative, and reliable. Hope to work with him again soon.

Karina Cifuentes

Kegan was great to work with, working to solve a lot of the “unknowns” and “unanticipated issues” which seem to always crop up on projects and has been a great resource for my company.

Tom Walker

Kegan is one of the most conscientious, focused web developers I’ve worked with. Having worked with a number of website builders in the past, Kegan is one who is able to create a schedule that works for the specific project at hand within a given timeline. He also makes himself available to fully understand what is needed to make the website function in a way that best expresses the company’s goals and mission, a crucial element in creating a site that functions at its best for the company to grow. Patience, understanding and the human connection are qualities that are rare in a web developer, but which make Kegan stand out from the rest.

Alexis Fedor

Kegan’s outstanding energy makes him both great at what he does and great to work with. He is collaborative, exudes enthusiasm and a genuine interest in achieving the best product for his client. I look forward to continuing work with him.


Without having any prior experience on the subject of Trakehner Horses, their pedigrees, history, competition and our marketing, Kegan has been innovative, perceptive and comprehensive in helping us with our web design.

Christina Potter

Kegan is a great find! He knows his stuff and is quick, reliable, and friendly. He saw my project through to the end and made sure it was done right. I highly recommend him.

Morgan Fleming

Where do I start with the accolades? Kegan was the best! He took a complete novice and not only built a superior sports league WordPress site for me, but taught me how to work the site on my own as well. I am totally enamored with my site from the layout, style, and functionality. Kegan’s patience and thorough understanding of the software makes one feel extremely comfortable and takes a lot of stress out of an already tense time. He is so calm and efficient. I would recommend Kegan to anyone and plan on doing so for he is definitely “The Man” for the job.

Troy Chapman

Kegan has been instrumental in facilitating the set up of both the web site and associated facebook page for a new nonprofit, N.O. S.H.A.M.E., whose mission includes bringing awareness and education to the public regarding self harm behaviors. Kegan’s knowledge of the process of getting started was extremely helpful, and his enthusiasm for the project was something that helped assuage my worries about how to start a website for an entirely new business. I am grateful to Kegan for this as it allowed me to be able to focus on other aspects of the business knowing that Kegan had everything under control. This kind of peace of mind cannot be quantified on a balance sheet, but is an intangible that reaps huge dividends.

Douglas Baker

Kegan absolutely saved me from failing my graduate web design course. 2 hours tutoring later I felt supremely confident in an area I knew next to coming about. Kegan is the real deal.

Anthony Williams

Kegan is one of the most driven people I know. He knows what he wants in life and works hard to achieve his goals. One thing about Kegan that sets him apart from others is his desire to improve and his hunger to learn. He will do whatever it takes to improve his game in any area and is constantly looking in the long run. If something promotes his team’s long term profitability, he will tackle it full force. I would recommend Kegan to anyone looking to better themselves as well!

Josh Richards

Even though I received hundreds of inquiries to assist me with my web site’s functionality, Kegan’s competence and knowledge stood out. He is thorough, thoughtful and efficient, making keen suggestions and improvements without overwhelming the client’s vision or coming off as pushy. I look forward to working with him on a redesign as my business grows.

Mary-Elizabeth Oneill

Kegan is very timely and knowledgable. I am happy to have found someone as talented and reliable as he is to continue working with on further projects.

Billie Shaker

Kegan is knowledgeable about web development, WordPress and all things social networking. Kegan is bright and energetic and can tackle any issues. I would recommend Kegan for your project!

Kimberely Thomas

Kegan is fantastic to work with. He is always responsive and knowledgeable. Anytime I have an issue, he figures out a solution and implements it right away. He built an amazing platform for our business that was more complicated than just a regular website – and he did it with ease! Plus he’s just a nice person to work with. Highly recommend him for any of your digital needs. He’s a pro!

Caren J

Kegan just overhauled our website beautifully! He moved us from Wix to WordPress, improving the page templates and design as he went. He was aligned with our UI/UX designs and input from the marketing team to produce a site that was not only technically stable but also functional and scalable as our team grew.

Heidi Perry

We appreciated their ability to shape our ideas in a way that made them more effective. It’s difficult not having a huge team but Kegan never made that a problem he’d always work tirelessly and meet our project deadlines.

Cameron Stepec

Kegan is awesome! He is dependable, communicates well, and is a highly capable web developer. He has done a ton of work for us and we look forward to continuing that relationship.

Etienne Khoury

Kegan migrated our website to WordPress, focusing mostly on the home page, but also delivering additional pages for our blog and one of our Salesforce boutique consulting firm. Kegan took care of setting up the hosting and walking us through how to maintain the website. He made the website UI much more attractive and professional compared to our former website on Squarespace.

Benjamin Luehrs

Kegan is awesome to work with – can’t say enough positive things about him. He implemented full design changes to our Shopify website and not only did a super job, but he also was really easy to work with. He now does ongoing maintenance for us, and he’s really responsive and quick to fix any issues that arise. There hasn’t been anything he hasn’t been able to solve, even though it was his first time working in Shopify. He’s an excellent developer and super chill, which is a hard combo to find. I would highly recommend him!

Emelyn Northway

The WordPress site for our small nonprofit had been built ages ago and was in desperate need of updating. Kegan’s skill as a WordPress developer + his excellent customer service is bringing us into the modern era! His work on our website cleared away dozens of small-but-annoying tics that made it a hassle to keep the content on our site up-to-date. Our new site has clearer navigation, a robust events calendar, an audio player, etc., and is also now mobile responsive. He is super smart, fast, affordable and reliable. Thank you, Kegan!

Bora Reed

Kegan created my web site for a young adult/action adventure novel I am publishing and the final product is great. Very sci-fi. I admit to not being real proficient in social media so my tech savvy neighbor and I worked with Kegan and it was a successful partnership. He knows his stuff, is easy to work with and I am a happy customer.

Steve Coulter

Kegan & Tim have been awesome to work with. Kegan redesigned our website that hadn’t been touched since the early 90s (cringe). It looks great! He set it up with WordPress & walked us through how to easily make changes & updates.

Mara Jennings

Kegan is a very reliable and talented web developer. Not only does he do a great job, he is in general a great person and fun to work with. I would recommend him to anyone!

Sara Cowie

Kegan recently gave our company WordPress website a complete makeover, and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. He really listened to what we were looking for, and was able to bring our vision to life!

Brittany Loobey

Kegan is a pleasure to work with. His breadth and depth of knowledge make it easy to trust him with technical and design elements of the WordPress project we’ve been collaborating on. Kegan is reliable, responsive and acutely respectful of time and budget restrictions.

Perri Bronsen

Kegan is an amazing Web Developer.  He did a great job in redesigning my company website and improving SEO. Kegan is efficient, professional and knowledgeable web designer and his rates are competitive.  I will keep using his web design services for the future.

Irakli Shaishmelashvili

Having Kegan’s level of professionalism at a reasonable rate made all the difference in allowing my small business to develop an online presence. The interface Kegan designed was intuitive, and he made sure I understood how to use my site skillfully without breaking anything, but made himself available in case I did. I highly recommend him.

Luke Taylor

Kegan did a great job helping my company with a website migration project. Our old site was outdated and hard to update, so it was in need of a serious make-over. Kegan suggested we move to WordPress because it is easy to use and update for someone with no computer programming skills. He listened to our wants and delivered a website that was exactly what we wanted.

DeLayne Achee

After interviewing several web designers for our site, we knew immediately Kegan Quimby was the one for the job. I was initially impressed with his enthusiasm, flexibility and talent. In addition to his knowledge and expertise, he has the energy and personality anyone would enjoy having around. I highly recommend Kegan for all creative and web design. He knows his business.

Linda Froehlich

What I like best about Kegan is his reliability, and the fact that he has a true passion for what he does.

Henry Jones

Kegan is an extremely knowledgable web designer, and worked closely with us to redesign our website practically overnight. Any question I had for him, he responded minutes later with the answer I was looking for. He is very trustworthy, detail oriented, and works hard to provide his clients with exactly what they’re looking for. I highly recommend Kegan to anyone who is looking to upgrade their website!

Dan Geejay

He did high quality work on time. I’ll call again soon I hope.

Scott Haven

Kegan is an extremely clear and helpful teacher, gets right to the point, and knows a ton about wordpress! I’d definitely recommend him to any other student.


Kegan was easy to communicate with and efficient. He helped me out quickly and accomplished exactly what I asked of him in no time. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Megan Petruccelli

Kegan was extremely helpful and timely. He knew exactly what he was doing, understood our needs and solved our problems in the best way. The website he created for us, was both beautifully simple and perfectly functional at the same time. I would highly recommend Kegan for all your wordpress and website needs!

Stephen LaRouere

Kegan did an outstanding job porting our web site to WordPress and launching a new version. He worked closely with our team to understand requirements, timelines and then executed the project according to plan. He was responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with in all ways.

David Weingard

I am a WordPress novice so I turned to Kegan to build my website and prepare me to use it. He made an excellent website exactly how I wanted it to look in a very short period of time. Kegan also trained me on how to post, edit, and make some other basic changes on the site. finally, Kegan was very professional and easy to work with, and he was reachable throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Kegan for building a great and functional website!

Brian DiFeo

Kegan does great work and is extremely easy to work with. He’s able to take your ideas and create a concept behind the design. It has been a seamless process for a handful of projects and I look forward to resourcing him for future needs.


Kegan’s guidance and direction has helped me tremendously. He is polite, clear, and has been ready and willing to offer his services. Each time we’ve met, he has equipped with new knowledge and skills. I recommend Kegan, absolutely.

Courtney DeMaria

I really appreciate your help. You’re easy to work with, knowledgeable, and have good ideas about how to make my site better. I look forward to working together in the future.

Robert Maass

Highly Highly recommend Kegan. Knowledgeable, efficient, quick, and designed my site with style. I would highly recommend him. I am so pleased with my blog.
Thanks Kegan

Aret Tikiryan

I was just thinking this morning how much easier this process would have been if we had found you earlier. All the complications (such as the form debacle they created) could have been avoided. Oh well, I learned a lot. However, I am happy there is now someone I can rely on.

Joan Butman

Kegan is the man! Not only is he a brainiac for all things wordpress & html, but he is super patient and thorough. He will keep at it until you are 100% satisfied. I would HIGHLY recommend. Thanks Kegan, for our awesome film website!

Claudia Cifuentes

Kegan worked for me for five years while he was in high school and college. He works hard, is extremely intelligent and totally trustworthy. I’d hire him again in a minute if I could get him to move back to New Hampshire!

Alex Foster

As a student athlete at UNH, Kegan was my tutor for “Weaving the Web.” Without his knowledge and help, I would not have learned and understood nearly as much as I did. Kegan knew how to effectively communicate the necessary information in the best possible way. Being knowledgeable and knowing how to effectively teach are two different skills, Kegan has both abilities. I would hire Kegan as a tutor again anytime.

Dylan George

Recommending Kegan is easy…he is a bright, naturally thoughtful, driven individual who combines his strong knowledge in design & develop to deliver top-notch web sites. He is thorough in his work and has an innate ability to present himself in a fun and playful way, making him a pleasure to work with…it is without hesitation that I recommend him.

Matt Zanderigo

Kegan has been great for us! he got a new website up and running, and manages all our socials for our new podcast (the Coast2Coast show)… would highly recommend for all your podcast needs!

Greg Gilmore

Kegan was awesome!! He was patient and prompt in answering all of the questions I had, and he got the work done super fast. Most importantly, I love the end product and couldn’t be happier with the way it looks. Super glad I went to Kegan – he came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Reach out to him if you’re looking for great service and great work!

Travis Culwell

Kegan made the entire process so easy, and he was really good at what he does. He can guide you through the process from A to Z, providing insights for key decisions.

Anne-Sophie Busset

I sought out Kegan to develop our site based on our design. The site design involved multiple landing pages, motion graphics, photo carousels, and embedded video content, as well as a contact sheet. The project had an extremely aggressive timeline – (about 16 days, including weekends.) Kegan was a 1-man army, however it felt like I was working with a fully-staffed dev firm.

Lynn Tao

Kegan helped me visualize a site that works well for my business and showcases our video production work to clients. He is very talented, but also a genuine person who will listen to what you want and create it. We are proud to have people visit our website.

Josh McLawhorn

Trusted By: (and many more!)