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Because I can't specialize in everything. Here's the people who help me.

Tim Koelkebeck

Design / UX

Tim and I met in New York, when he was winding down with his startup MyType, and has since been an invaluable asset. I use him as a resource for all things UI/UX, as he spends most of his time consulting early stage startups, re-positioning their product and enhancing user experience. Since we both work out of the Hub, we spend a lot of time bouncing ideas off each other, improving web presences one at a time.

Alden Quimby

Backend Engineer

Alden is my brother. I’ve known him for as long as I can remember. He and his business partner Matt build custom web apps for various clients around the US. They’re a great resource for all things programming, jQuery, and concept stuff.

Dylan George

Design / Development

Dylan and I have been working together since our college days, coding HTML sites in our dorm room. We often bounce ideas back and forth, and push each other to stay up to date with all things development, design and WordPress. In the world of freelancing, working by yourself can often be isolating so it’s good to have someone to continually push your limits.

Maiya Holliday

WordPress / Web Consultant

Since moving to San Francisco, Maiya has been my best resource. Often years ahead of me in both the freelance and development game, Maiya has taught me more about all things freelancing/WordPress development than I have learned on my own in the last two years.

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